Hascha had a not-good
Doodle-hugs for Hasi (´ε` )


Yeah man lol
Does it really fucking matter



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Lol I figured
But like I supposed they expected me to be like “no lol”


Friendly reminder that Eren is protective of Armin, too.

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my mental illnesses and trauma like onion

have many layer

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And I’ll throw it all away, and watch you fall into my arms again. And I’ll throw it all away. Watch you fall now.




Cheval lusitanien - Lusitano horse

Compétition d’équitation de travail à Tarbes - Working equitation competition in Tarbes (France)

What type of saddle is this?

Its a portuguesa saddle

Anonymous asked: Do you experience dysphoria?

Social dysphoria, yes.

I am comfortable in my body for the most part—wish it was a little less battered, was better with its neurotransmitters, and maybe didn’t have that shitty little bit of scoliosis, but it suits me nonetheless.


I am acutely aware of when people use feminine pronouns for me or when they use feminine titles. I feel a distinct and strong repulsion to strangers and even acquaintances calling me “miss”, “ma’am”, “young lady” or “Ms. [insert my surname here]” It feels both incorrect and like undue familiarity. I don’t even like people using my given first name—Rachel (okay with a certain set of close friends and like one family member using it. I’m also uncomfortable with the strong religious context for which my name was chosen). Makes my skin crawl.

I tolerate being called she/miss/whatever because it’s easier to get through social situations that way—sort of like how I tolerate me being implied as hetero in some discussions because it makes me safer. Honestly, if I didn’t fear backlash I would probably correct people with “they/them & neutral titles please”

Idk I don’t mind Hascha, Jenna, Brenna, and ‘Ber calling me she/her but that’s because they already know and I know it’s not a form of invalidation from them.

So yeah. I get dysphoria, but not over my body.